On a personal note, though..

Sometimes your entire world just seems to come tumbling down around you.. Earlier today we were shocked and deeply saddened to hear about the passing of our dear, old university English lecturer, Ole Buhl, who left this world entirely too early a few days back.

I think it’s safe to say that over the course of a lifetime, you run into relatively few people that really hels inspire you and shape you into who you are today. And I think that even fewer of these will be people that you have had an entirely professional relationship with, over the relatively brief period of three years..

Nevertheless, that was the case with Ole who, in this casual pseudo-eccentric, strolled into our lives on one of our first days of Uni and, for the next three years straight, proceeded to pull os through every nook and cranny of the English language with a passion and dedication that only someone who truly LOVES his field could do.

At first, he might have appeared a little old fashioned and strange, but we pretty quickly found out that here we were dealing with a person so passionate about what he was doing and so passionate about passing on, not only his love for the English language, but also his work ethics, attention to detail and professionalism that we couldn’t help but get captivated and involved , and eventually we, ourselves, started getting into it and were inspired to not only try our best, but our damn best.

It’s this mix of attention to detail, professionalism and love for what you’re doing that sadly a lot of people seem to be missing today, but thanks to Ole, we all have at least a bit of that. And still to this day, those very basic yet important values of loving what you do and not just doing things half-heartedly but, rather, being proud of what you do and doing them to the best of your ability, with a sly smile on your lip and a bit of sarcasm on your tongue, continue to thrive in us and for that, we owe the man a big thanks.

It’s safe to say, without bragging, that we have, by and large, become a rather successful bunch over the years and I would very much like to believe that we owe at least part of this success to the discipline, thoughtfulness and earnestness instilled within us by Ole and the enthusiasm for his work that he showed us and subsequently passed on to us.

So thank you, Ole, for all your hard work, your encouragement and your justified bollockings when they were needed. And thank you also for your character, your love of life and your love and pride for field that you taught. A cloud passed by the sun the moment we learned of your passing and indeed the world seems a colder place today..

Fucking hell, it doesn’t seem fair..


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