Confusion will be my epitaph…

Umm.. So, yeah, hi.. I realize it’s been a while since Iw as here or have made any posts. As you may have well guessed, this blog pretty much died years ago, yet I’ve been unwilling to pronounce it dead.. It just seemed so, final!

But I guess all things, except maybe Twinkies, must come to an end.. And I’m ready to call it. Listen, guys, I had a blast writing this blog for the past many years and I still look back at those times chronicled within these pages with great joy. I’m in a different place in my life now and the things I experience or write about are so different from most things I’ve written about here.. Except well, I still cook, I still drink expensive wines and I do love a good brew. Only now my hair is shorter and I hurt for half a week if I go on a two day binge, so.. There..

If any of you are still left: Thank you all for following me all these years! I’m not all gone. I’ve got another adventure up and running on where I talk about a rather silly decision I’ve made with a friend to go road tripping through the Southern United States in a year. You’re willing to head on over and read all about it or show us some love on

And if long reads are no longer your fancy, there’s always new media: @johanjohansen on or 

So long, my friends, and thanks for all the fish!


One response to “Confusion will be my epitaph…

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