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To quote the original poster: “Whoever did this, I love you!”

And, kids, if you don’t get this, ask your parents or go listen to Lionel Richie..


All Johan wanted was to find alternative uses of the name Leviathan

.. And by gosh did he get just that?

I think I’ve just spotted my first piece of Wikipedia vandalism.. It would surely go to explain why this alternative information linking Leviathan to 15th century Japan and moldy potatoes disappeared within the relatively short time span it took me to do a screen shot.. Ahem, anyways, I laughed:

Take that, Jesus Fish!

Saw this on a car at the local supermarket the other day and simply couldn’t help but giggle.. Instead of the ever so common Jesus Fish, this appears to be the Darwinism Fish


Submission: Zzyzx Rd.

My friend Penny who’s currently traveling through the states, seeing new things and getting fatter submitted this picture from the drive through the Nevada dessert en route to Las Vegas:

Oh, right.. If  you’re not sure why this is particularly funny, you’ve obviously never heard Stone Sour’s Come What(ever) May album or the awesome and hugely underrated ballad “Zzyzx Rd” off said album.. And that’s a mistake, so here:

Do the Christian Side Hug

What in the..?! Maybe it’s owing to my agnostic nature, but I kinda pride myself in not making fun of people for their religious beliefs and ideas.. But.. This is really just too messed up not to mention..

The story is pretty much explained in the video, but apparently a certain group of christians have deemed frontal hugging inappropriate because it may cause people to rub crotches together, thus creating sexual tension.. Or something along those lines.. As a result, apparently the Christian Side Hug was invented to solve the problem.. Anyways, just watch the video..

What a week, first Rammstein were deemed enemies of the State by Belarus and now hugging is wrong?! Jeebus! Call me a rebel but I’m gonna keep listening to my Rammstein records and front hugging my female friends!

Thanks to Penny for the link!

In other weird news: Belarus declares Rammstein enemies of the State!

In what can only be described as the funniest incident I’ve heard this month, Belarusian authorities, apparently with the approval of President Lukaschenko, have declared German Shock Rockers Rammstein enemies of the State in an effort to ban them from performing in Minsk on March 7. Here’s a very quick paraphrase of the gist of the case from a German article on the matter:

“German rock band Rammstein would undermine ‘the order of the
Belarusian State,’ ruled the moral
Authority of the totalitarian ex-Soviet republic.

Consequently, the Social Council for Morality, supported by President Alexander Lukashenko, abruptly declared the band a public enemy. This happened in regard
to a March 7th concert planned to take place in Minsk.

Rammstein’s songs were allegedly propaganda for ‘violence, masochism, homosexuality and other perversities,’ which stood in stark contrast to Belarusian values.

‘A permit for a Rammstein concert is a mistake that could cost us a dearly,’ it was ruled”

For those looking to brush up on their German, the article in its entirety can be found here:

The editors here at Random Drunken Rants would like to thank long time reader, big fan and head mascot Tina for submitting this absolute gem of a news story.

Oh world, when will you ever learn that “Rock is not the Devil’s work, it’s magical and rad”?

A Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody

This is an oldie, but still so fucking epic on so many levels!

And now I wanna go listen to Queen.. Figures!