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On a personal note, though..

Sometimes your entire world just seems to come tumbling down around you.. Earlier today we were shocked and deeply saddened to hear about the passing of our dear, old university English lecturer, Ole Buhl, who left this world entirely too early a few days back.

I think it’s safe to say that over the course of a lifetime, you run into relatively few people that really hels inspire you and shape you into who you are today. And I think that even fewer of these will be people that you have had an entirely professional relationship with, over the relatively brief period of three years..

Nevertheless, that was the case with Ole who, in this casual pseudo-eccentric, strolled into our lives on one of our first days of Uni and, for the next three years straight, proceeded to pull os through every nook and cranny of the English language with a passion and dedication that only someone who truly LOVES his field could do.

At first, he might have appeared a little old fashioned and strange, but we pretty quickly found out that here we were dealing with a person so passionate about what he was doing and so passionate about passing on, not only his love for the English language, but also his work ethics, attention to detail and professionalism that we couldn’t help but get captivated and involved , and eventually we, ourselves, started getting into it and were inspired to not only try our best, but our damn best.

It’s this mix of attention to detail, professionalism and love for what you’re doing that sadly a lot of people seem to be missing today, but thanks to Ole, we all have at least a bit of that. And still to this day, those very basic yet important values of loving what you do and not just doing things half-heartedly but, rather, being proud of what you do and doing them to the best of your ability, with a sly smile on your lip and a bit of sarcasm on your tongue, continue to thrive in us and for that, we owe the man a big thanks.

It’s safe to say, without bragging, that we have, by and large, become a rather successful bunch over the years and I would very much like to believe that we owe at least part of this success to the discipline, thoughtfulness and earnestness instilled within us by Ole and the enthusiasm for his work that he showed us and subsequently passed on to us.

So thank you, Ole, for all your hard work, your encouragement and your justified bollockings when they were needed. And thank you also for your character, your love of life and your love and pride for field that you taught. A cloud passed by the sun the moment we learned of your passing and indeed the world seems a colder place today..

Fucking hell, it doesn’t seem fair..


Welcome aboard!

“Maybe.. Just maybe.. If we’re all quite done showboating our very worst sides, maybe we should take some time to introduce ourselves from our good sides?” The words were that of my boss and they were uttered over breakfast at work earlier this week.. We don’t usually have breakfast at work.. It’s something that only happens, say, two or three times a week.. Okay, really, we don’t usually have breakfast at work, but we’ve been having a lot of meetings and such lately, so it’s been kinda happening a lot. It’s also something we apparently do when we welcome a new person to the extended CBC family. Which, apparently, is not something we do very often.. But as is the case with work breakfasts, it has apparently happened a little too frequently lately. Me being one case, and our new intern being the second.. And yes, in case you were wondering, internships isn’t really something we do much in this company, it just so happens that.. Well, you get the drift..

Ahem.. Well.. Fact of the matter is, we have a new intern! And she spent her first few minutes with the company, sitting in the corner, staring a little perplexed at the people who were to be her colleagues for the next three months who, in what is apparently pretty standard procedure, was going over the happenings in the weekend, current events and debating insanely irrelevant random facts.. Seemingly quite oblivious to her presence. In praxis, this meant that the women of the office were discussing their antics at our colleague Ingelise’s 50th birthday that Saturday while my 60 year old boss and I made snide comments and discussed the proportions and preparations of a decent mojito until I tore into a heated argument with my other male colleague Frandsen over whether or not it is humanly possible to burn more calories eating and digesting celery than you can absorb from consuming it. I made it through half of my argument of “this is probably not gonna shine a very nice light on me but I have actually read a thesis on the matter and I know for a fact you are wrong” when my boss noticed the perplexed face and uttered the words mentioned at the beginning of this post..

And so, we pulled ourselves together and gave a somewhat more sober and serious introduction of ourselves and the company which didn’t involve our drinking habits or opinions on eating celery.. Which, I’m pretty sure, must’ve seemed rather dull in comparison with the informal introduction.. But the event, as a whole, goes to pretty well showcase the working environment I’ve wound up in.. We’re dead serious and dedicated in the work that we do, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun and spew a lot of random bullshit  during the course of a working day.. I hope our lovely new intern, Heidi, will grow to understand and appreciate that.. At any rate, she doesn’t seem to have been scared off yet.. Which is good.

So, yup, that’s the kinda place I work it.. An honest, hard-working, crazy bunch.. And I love it! I think there’s a tendency in corporate life, even in Denmark, for things to get a little too serious and people getting a little too concerned with appearances and behavior. Like when I was still job hunting, caring souls such as Zascha (bless her) warned me in good intent (and rightfully so) to make sure that my name wasn’t too closely linked with a blog by the name of “Random Drunken Rants” and that my Facebook privacy settings were checked and up to date.. Because these days that’s something many employers look into when it comes to screening potential employees, and quite possibly being the editor of a blog entitled “Random Drunken Rants” might not be too good for business. I personally find that a little over the top because I don’t really think that what a person does in their free time (short of really dodgy things and immoral actions) should have too much of an effect on their professional life. I mean, we all get drunk and/or say and do stupid shit, most of the time resulting in some pretty funny situations, why deny and hide this simple fact? And why not share..? Anyways, what I’m getting to is that I honestly believe that with what I’ve heard from my new boss and taken into account some of the crazy things he’s shared, I don’t think he’d be too upset if he knew about this blog.. He might even be amused.. Thoroughly.. Which is good, because those are the kinda people I’d prefer to work with or work under..

In short, don’t expect this blog to suddenly turn into a well-moderated, clean language site entitled “Fluffy Furry Bunnies” just because I’m an IT professional now, and expect the drunken rants to continue insofar as this nearly 30 year old boy can still manage to get drunk and rant about it.

One week to go!

.. Till I start my new job.. And boy am I all excited-like. I never was the most patient person in the world, and I probably never will be. But really, this is ridiculous. I’ve been unemployed for going on eight months now and I’m about ready for that particular situation to come to an end. No, wait, scratch that.. I was about ready for it to come to an end about six months ago.. As for now, I just WANT it to come to an end. Bah, why do other people have to decide when you can start working?

People keep telling me that I should relax and enjoy my last few days/weeks/whatever off, and really, I try to do so.. But truth be told, I’ve never really been very good at that sort of thing. I’ve always felt much more comfortable having a set purpose and goal in my every day life. I mean, other than the obvious purpose and goal of being the idiot often intoxicated and rambling crazy-ass metal head friend to a lot of fine people. I like having something specific to get up to every morning and what with eight months of unemployment under my belt, it’s getting really hard to come up with something every day – other than the odd cup of coffee or fried eggs breakfast, but even that gets old after a while, believe you me.

Okay, so, that being said. Unemployment does have it’s benefits. Sleeping in is one of them. It’s neither a very constructive nor a very competitive advantage, but it’s an advantage none the less and I’ll sorta miss it. Sleeping till 8 AM and grabbing breakfast at your own pace had a nice ring to it. I’ve spent these past few days trying to ween my body into getting up at 6 AM for work which is what I’ll be doing come next week.. And, umm, well, I’m getting there. For instance, I was up at 7 AM this morning, and probably more proud of it than I should have been, but give me a break here, I went from working nights to being unemployed, a 7 AM rise is an approximation of success given these circumstances, and I still have a week in which to learn to get up at 6.. Sigh!

Another advantage of unemployment is the freedom to plan and spend your time in pretty much whichever way you chose. But, still, with all the time in the world at your disposal, that one gets a little old after a while. I will miss some things, though, like being able to shop for groceries whenever I want, taking a long walk while listening to some music whenever I want, going wine shopping at 10 AM, devoting an entire day to some far out, ridiculous cooking project like 18 hour slow smoked BBQ pork, or just popping by for random off-time with Tina on an early Monday afternoon.. Y’know, those little things.. That sorta mean a lot still. So, that’s one thing I try to make room for this last week of unemployment, doing random things that still need doing preferably at odd hours. Like last week when I zoomed out and spent entirely too much money on clothes, shoes and glasses on a Tuesday afternoon with a little help from my beautiful blonde assistant. Or this weekend when I spent some 72 hours in a daze of meat-scent induced food coma as I broke in my new stock pot and made about six liters of beef stock, six liters of chicken stock, two liters of French onion soup, a huge pot of Chili Con Carne and some random curry dish.. Y’know, in a combined effort to stock up (no pun intended) for the remainder of the winter, satisfying various hungry hounds calling for French Onion Soup and just keep myself happy. Besides, it was best to get out of the way now. While my new colleagues are intrigued by my love for cooking, I don’t think they’ll be giving me random days off to go spend 8 hours on making stock any day soon.. So, best to be prepared.

Aside from cooking and doing various weird things at various weird hours – like taking a three hour hike in the snow yesterday on the odd chance that my dishes would’ve cleaned themselves by the time I got home, I’ve also spent a considerable amount of time getting ready for the new job situation. I’ve went and gotten me one of those monthly mass transit passes so I’m now ready to jump the bus every morning like a good, little boy. I have a new wardrobe courtesy of Tina and Tine, I also have (or rather, I will soon have) new glasses courtesy of the very same, which will actually help me not only look better but also actually see better.. Hello reading the writing on the wall from far away! And.. And.. Thanks to the lovely and talented Emelie, I now also have a nicely clean cut and well groomed head of hair, not the old mange I’d built up over the past three months in which we couldn’t find time for her to cut my hair. In short, I had better no only be ready for my first day of work, with three girls on the case of making me look good for the occasion, I’d better damn well look the part of an IT professional in about a week’s time from now.. Which I’m sure I will, my girls wouldn’t let me down.

So, despite all my bitching, I guess I have managed to get quite a few things done this past week. But I still feel kinda bummed that this, along with our now traditional and much cherished eat-togethers with the gang is pretty much all I’ve achieved over the course of the week. Unless you wanna know about all the National Geographic Channel shows I’ve watched, or the book on why we misinterpret the world I’ve borrowed from Emelie and am currently reading and not quite sure I like? No, I didn’t think so.. So let’s keep it for that now, shan’t we? And pray that I have something more interesting to relate soon, hmm? I think I might just have!

And with that, now all I’s got to do is figure out how the hell to spend the rest of this week. The weekend I have covered. I’ll be leaving for Nyborg to visit with my dad and his family and celebrate his birthday this weekend. Which will be fun. And I don’t think I’ll be home until Monday evening.. And I think by now we all know what will happen on Tuesday, so I’ll just keep quiet about that now shall I? Come to think of it, that’s only two days I need to sort out.. I should be okay, if all else fails, I’m sure there’ll be some sort of revolution in one Arabic country or another I can watch unfold..

Okay, that sounded kinda horrible, good on the Arab world, really!


Walking (slipping, sliding and crashing) in a Winter Wonderland

I have an amazing, understanding best friend! And I’m not saying that because she understands that my calling her a fuct up bitch is just another way of saying that I love her, or because that she knows that my flipping her off is really just a sign of affection.. And yeah, those things happen, I never claimed or relationship was very normal.. No, I’m saying that because time and time again she seems to be able to subconsciously sense that I’m not doing particularly well and am in need of a little special care or attention. Not sure if this is what you call female intuition, voodoo or thingamajig.. But it’s this wonderful thing she does, and she’s good at it and I’m grateful.

See, in job hunting (and in life in general, I suppose) there are good days and there are bad days, and then there’s the sorta days that you just don’t want any part of one way or another.. And while the general consensus, and my usual attitude, is that I have nothing much to complain about, I had one of my bad days this Monday. Or, well, that’s not quite correct.. I had one of those days that are so typical for me. A day during which I wake up and want no part of it all, get up and wallow in self pity for a good few hours, look out the window and cuss at the falling snow, get out and shovel some snow for an hour while cursing God and the high heavens, life on earth in general and pretty much everything in between.. And then, suddenly, usually around noon-ish, a guardian angel, usually in the shape of a little blonde, shows up and saves the day.

This time my redemption did indeed come right around noon in the shape of a rather simple text message: “Hi friend, whatcha doing?” – “Nothing much,” I texted back, “pretty much just feeling like shit and wallowing in self pity” – “This better not have to do with the snowfall,” she shot back, “or else Im not gonna go for a walk with you!” Well, to be honest, for once my bad spirits had nothing to do with the weather and the snow. This particular day I’d actually decided to just say fuck all and go play in the snow because, honestly, it felt like the least of my worries. So I was more than happy that Tina seemed to be up for joining me because, well, it’s pretty much been scientifically proven that I can’t stay upset around her.. And so I made sure to inform her that my low spirits had nothing to do with the weather and that I practically insisted that she join me.

And so, make a long story short, an hour or so later, two very wrapped up best friends emerged into the admittedly rather fascinatingly pretty Danish winterscape for what is actually a pretty unique occasion: Johan and Tina frolicking in the snow together. Why rare? Well, let’s just say that Johan is not the biggest fan of snow known to man, so getting me out in it while maintaining any trace of enthusiasm on my part is, shall we say, difficult at best – even for beautiful little girls with the world’s most charming smiles. But on this particular day Tina managed, possibly because I missed her company and didn’t want to risk to upset her, possibly because I was so upset about everything else that I didn’t bother being upset about the weather, possibly because she’d just told me off and given me a huge scolding for being a sourpuss.. We might never know.. Fact of the matter is she succeeded.

So there I was, walking in this winter wonderland with a pretty little chick on my side.. And obviously not being very used to the situation as I made it all of about three steps before sliding and losing my balance on one leg while skidding around and wobbling dangerously on the other. Not wanting to seem not on top of things, I quickly regained my composure and cool and tried to act like I was totally on top of things only to take one more step and start sliding around again, this time nearly falling on my ass only to have Tina grab hold of my arm and in – what was essentially a cuter move than it was a wise one – using all of her 50 little kilos to try and pull me back upright.. All while I did anything in my power to stop slipping because if I had (with all respect to my little friends new workout routine) I wouldn’t have been the only fool ending up on the ground. Luckily, though, I steadied myself and we managed to walk a full ten paces or so before people started sliding around again.

See, apparently snow falls and gets compacted and apparently eventually it turns into ice and new snow falls on top and you can’t really tell that there’s ice down there and it creates all sort of problems for friends just trying to take a walk.. Bah humbug! Anyways, after a few hundred meters and a lot of bumping into one of another, catching the other and hanging on to various extremities, we eventually worked out a way to traverse somewhat safely through the snow and ice and the potentially dangerous and near limb-fracturing incidents grew few and far between.

Actually, I ended up getting so enthusiastic about the whole thing that we walked for over 90 minutes, taking in the sights and sounds, chatting about everything and nothing, laying plans for future adventures, and making me feel all better about things and even forget about being upset.. I think at one point I even got a little carried away and admitted that the whole scene was indeed rather pretty.. But I mean, really, look at it:

There’s a lot of things to be said about snow, but it IS rather pretty when it first falls and you really don’t have anything to do or anywhere to get to so you won’t have to worry about it getting in the way or turning into mush and/or a nuisance.. I mean, don’t get me wrong, loyal readers, I am at this time (Tuesday evening) sick and tired of it again, but it sure was pretty yesterday afternoon and I thank Tina for dragging my sourpuss ass into it and holding my hand when I was about to fall, figuratively and physically.

We eventually made it safely back inside with no larger injuries than a slightly sprained ankle on my behalf which actually proved to pretty much heal itself during the last stretch of our walk.. I mean, it’s not like you need a cold pack for your ankle when it’s covered in snow.. And with that, it was time to get back to the chores of the day. Which for Tina meant hard work and for me meant getting back to being the unemployed, careless SOB that I was, showing his sympathy by whiling his day away on the couch, reading cookbooks while Tina slaved at the computer.. And doing such heroic and helpful acts as actually making her a cup of tea and suggesting she eat an almond when she complained about being hungry.. I mean, anything to pay my little sweetheart back for all she’d done for me that day.. That’s just how I roll!

Tina eventually got either fed up with her work or overcome by the vibes of laziness I was projecting and gave up her doings and joined me in goofing off, a fun game which partially involved getting dinner ready, partially planning other dinners and partially pointing and laughing at the ridiculous recipes and illustrations I found in one of her Jamie Oliver cookbooks.. We were eventually joined by Emelie who was an absolute wreck after her working day, so we set her up with a glass of wine, a thick blanket and my hoodie for a pillow and let her zone out for a while, while we shared another glass of wine and laughed some more at Jamie Oliver’s attempts.

Dinner time eventually arrived, as did Jeppe, and luckily those two things almost sorta kinda coincided, so we were able to enjoy a nice, belated Monday dinner the four of us, followed by a game, some mucking about and a few more glasses of wine.. As is apparently customary for a Monday night. Eventually, at around 9:30 PM, I started feeling the strain of having done fuck all all day and decided that it was about time to head home. Emelie agreed and so I walked her home, along with Jeppe and Tina who had decided to tag along for parts of the walk. We eventually all made our goodbyes at Emelie’s and I skidded and skated the rest of the way home, finding the whole experience much easier now that I had my winter bearings.

Welcome to the neighborhood

So, as you may have gathered from my last semi-rushed post, I have a new house mate. Her name is Annette, she’s a seemingly exceedingly nice middle-aged woman and I have a feeling we’re gonna get along quite nicely.. She seems, for whatever reason, to have taken a real liking to me as a person which means that I must have made one of my very rare entirely positive first impressions.

I’m not entirely sure what I did, but she seems reasonably impressed with everything I do, my very character, my spirits and my way of thinking.. That and she’s extremely jealous of my rum collection and my cooking abilities. Even when I told her a few days ago that Dunkel and I had every intention of getting shitfaced on a Tuesday, she thought I was just awesome.. Hmm!

The only thing I can think of that made her have such fond feelings about me is the fact that I kinda helped her move her stuff in without any real reason or encouragement other than the fact that I hate seeing a woman drag heavy loads on her own.. But that’s just who I am and if that makes me a particularly nice person, then so be it, I’d still hate to think that others would just ignore such things.. So yeah, of course I helped her out and apparently that saved her day and may have caused her to think that I’m the most awesomest guy in the world.. Man, if only all women were that easy to impress 😉

Anyways, ever since that fateful day, she’s been nothing but nice to me and has dropped by frequently with updates about the situation, requests, comments and smiles.. She’s even brought me presents! Yes, presents! See, not only does she apparently have this really warped impression that I’m a nice, sweet, young man, she also seems to have picked up on the fact that I’m a bit of a foodie. (geeze, you can’t sneak anything past anyone these days!) .. So, a couple of days ago, she dropped by with a half liter bottle of her own custom import quality Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil to say thank you for all my help (which really only entailed a few hours worth of moving things while chatting happily). “This is for you,” she said, “under the condition that you save the bottle once you’re done so I may give you some more! It’s the least I could do to thank you for all your help and hard work.”

Well, umm, I didn’t really know what to say about that, but I thought it kinda dumb to protest and argue, so I just very humbly accepted her awesome present with a bit of a mumbled thank you and some staring at my feet. “Oh, one more thing, she added. The first time you try this, do it on nothing but garlic rubbed toast! You do have some white bread, don’t you?” – “I honestly can’t say that I do,” I replied, at which the poor women went even further out of her way to please me.. Because apparently just giving me a top shelf bottle of oil apparently wasn’t enough, no, she then jumped in her car, drove home, picked up two freshly baked loafs of bread (one Italian ciabatta thing and one whole grain loaf of unknown origin) which she presented to me with a smile and a “there you go my friend!” .. Wow!

I’m in no way certain what I did to deserve such special treatment, but I’m not gonna lie to you, I kinda dig it.. Only I think I may have to find some way of paying her back for all her generosity. Because I’m not quite sure that my “welcome to the neighborhood” present of finely tuning my stereo to the new housing conditions downstairs through the use of The Prodigy’s newest album on her first day in the house quite serves as a welcome present.. At least not one that measures up to hers! My girls are telling me that I should probably offer to cook for her some day seeing as she’s so interested in my culinary skills.. So I think that might be the plan.. Only, I think she may be a caterer in her free time, so that prospect kinda scares me.. But really, what’s a boy to do?

We’ll see, for now I’m quite happy with the new housing arrangements and quite spoiled.. Though I do honestly miss having Emelie around.. But at least she’s still close, so I still get to walk home with her after nightly visits at Tina’s and stuff, so it’s all good.. Oh, speaking of which, we do have one of those planned for tomorrow which I’m sure you’ll hear more about once I get my shit together and start blogging regularly again.. It’s nothing major, mind you, just a night of homemade burgers, beers and homemade fries with a couple of gorgeous, young women.. Okay, man, I am spoiled..

Where I Lay My Head Is Home.. Sorta!

Right, sorry guys, I know it’s been a while.. Again.. The reason is.. Again.. That real life has really caught up with me. Last week was insanely stressful for me and I barely managed to keep my head above water, so it’s not like I had a hell of a lot of time to do updates, but I did have a hell of a lot of time for everything else.. For starters, I finished my internship which was a pretty stressful ordeal in itself what with me having to work basically full time from Monday – Saturday, but I did end up leaving the project with a good gut feeling, so I suppose it was worth it.

Also I, of course, took care of the usual job hunting which becomes all the more stressful when done on top of a six day work week.. But, y’know, a (paid) full time job would be pretty nice, so I managed that as well.. On top of my third great feat of the week which turned out to be being sick and not sleeping properly. Not too sure what went wrong with me but I ended up going through an about week-long spell of nausea, headaches, general soreness, fatigue and that lovely feverish feeling we’ve all grown to love. Could’ve been a stress reaction, could’ve been the flu, could’ve been both, I don’t know, but a bitch it most certainly was.

“Wow, Johan, you’ve been pretty busy,” I hear you say..  But yeah, believe you me, mes amis, that’s not at all all there was to it.. No, I’ve gone and moved, too! And no, we haven’t sold the house, but the upstairs apartment which I had squatted – with my house owner’s permission – finally got rented out, so I’ve had to retreat backstairs to my old basement apartment, which has taken a few hours out of my day, starting last Sunday when Emelie moved out and continuing over the week when I moved all my stuff downstairs and, very nobly I might add, helped the new upstairs renter, Annette, move most of her stuff in. It wasn’t an easy feat, in fact it was pretty tough. It wasn’t always fun, in fact there was some tears and a fair amount of blood.. But we made the best of it, and somehow we pulled through.. And as a result, everybody are currently fucking knackered..

So, yeah, here it is, the first post from downstairs in about four months. I’m back below ground, and, well, meh.. I’m pretty sure you must all think it pretty much sucks to move out of a really big, open, lighted above ground apartment into your somewhat smaller, old basement dwelling.. But y’know what? It doesn’t.. Really..  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I had a pretty sweet deal and I loved the upstairs apartment, it was great when I had people over or dinner parties or whatever.. But at one point it all just got a little big for a wee, little single guy such as myself. Especially when the weather change and everybody got jobs, spending your days alone in that big, roomy place got a little, well, strange and lonesome.

On the other hand, rather surprisingly, as soon as I got back downstairs and started unloading all my stuff and making a home of the place again, things suddenly felt right and homely and safe and sound.. Maybe I secretly enjoy claustrophobia, maybe I’m even more of a creature of habit than I thought, maybe I never really got to feel at home upstairs because I didn’t know how long I’d stay, maybe I’m really slow to adapt to change and like to have things exactly they are.. I don’t know.. The fact is that I finally feel at home in my own home again amongst my own stuff, in my own living room, or in my own kitchen, or in my own bedroom. I don’t know.. It’s a bit of a confusing feeling, but a good one. I was fearing I’d feel weirded out and totally not comfortable once I got down here again.. But rather I feel safe and right at home.. Which is good. I’ll miss the dishwasher, though, doing dishes is not nearly as fun as I remembered it being, and I didn’t remember it as being much fun at all.. But oh well, you can’t have it all.

More updates from my new life in the basement to follow, I just wanted to let you all know I was safe and sound and enjoying my time best as I can under the new circumstances.

1000th Post: Keep On Bloggin’ in the Free World!

This is it, my friends. The big 1-0-0-0. The 1000th post! Whoever thought it was gonna get to this? I certainly didn’t! I’ve done a bit of math and apparently I started this blog 1643 days ago. As such I’ve made a post on average every two days for the past four and a half years.. How crazy is that?

And what’s even crazier, really, is that some of you have been following the show since day one. I mean, who on earth puts up with my rants and my bitching for almost five years straight? Others have caught on along the way, of course, but rest assured, you’re just as appreciated as the guys and gals who have kept up with me from the beginning.

For better and for worse, I’ve detailed my daily doings over the internet for going on five years now. I’ve shared thoughts and feelings, achievements and successes, failures and losses.. And somehow that’s interesting and fascinating to other people. Believe me when I say that this is both a strange and humbling experience, even soothing at times. I mean, how many people can honestly say that they have 30-50 people a day checking up and wanting to know what they’ve been up to? I’m guessing not a lot, but thanks to you guys, I’m one of those people.

Keeping this blog updated hasn’t always been easy, it does take time and time is something I don’t always have a lot of. It’s been hard to keep up at times and I’ve had some spans of prolonged silence, but I’ve always tried even though I haven’t always, to be honest, felt entirely up for it. Looking back, though, I’m glad I did. I’m the kinda guy that does get nostalgic every once in a while and these writings are a great tool for looking back and reflecting. For better or worse, these pages stand as a testament to everything that has gone on in my life for the past five years: the laughs, the frowns, the loves, the losses, the people that have come, and the people that have gone.. And the selected few who were here for the beginning and were mentioned in the first posts and continue to show up in posts to this day; the people that I am proud to call my best friends. I love you guys and I dedicate this entire work to you. I may be responsible for the writing on here, but you helped write it in so many other ways. This blog is as much about you as it is about me.

That being said, don’t get the strange idea that I don’t appreciate those of you who tag along for the ride and, for one reason or the other, have decided to read along – whether you be friends, acquaintances or complete strangers. You’re another huge source of inspiration for keeping this project going. I honestly can’t really for the life of my always understand why you’d find my writings interesting. As a matter of fact I was pretty flabbergasted the first time someone told me that I wrote in a humorous and captivating manner and they felt they knew me just through reading my blog. But I’m honestly very happy that you’re here and I sincerely appreciate your interest. You’re another main driving force behind this seemingly never-ending project. I’ve always enjoyed looking at my website stats to see who all was following along and now with the Facebook page up and running it’s actually possible to put a face on some of you.. How cool is that, and how diverse a bunch are you guys? I see a lot of cool dudes on the list from right here in my back yard to as far away as Africa.. And, ladies, I’ve no idea what I did to deserve such gorgeous, young female readers, but looking at my list of fans.. Or likers as I guess they’d be called now.. Well, you kinda help make me feel like the rock star I never turned out to be 😛

It’s a shame, really, that you’re all so scattered around the globe and can’t join me for the celebrations. Even so, I’ll raise my glass to you and say thanks for the ride so far, let’s see where this thing ends..

Cheers, guys.. In the British sense of the word, that is, which is to say both thank you.. and, well, cheers!