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Confusion will be my epitaph…

Umm.. So, yeah, hi.. I realize it’s been a while since Iw as here or have made any posts. As you may have well guessed, this blog pretty much died years ago, yet I’ve been unwilling to pronounce it dead.. It just seemed so, final!

But I guess all things, except maybe Twinkies, must come to an end.. And I’m ready to call it. Listen, guys, I had a blast writing this blog for the past many years and I still look back at those times chronicled within these pages with great joy. I’m in a different place in my life now and the things I experience or write about are so different from most things I’ve written about here.. Except well, I still cook, I still drink expensive wines and I do love a good brew. Only now my hair is shorter and I hurt for half a week if I go on a two day binge, so.. There..

If any of you are still left: Thank you all for following me all these years! I’m not all gone. I’ve got another adventure up and running on where I talk about a rather silly decision I’ve made with a friend to go road tripping through the Southern United States in a year. You’re willing to head on over and read all about it or show us some love on

And if long reads are no longer your fancy, there’s always new media: @johanjohansen on or 

So long, my friends, and thanks for all the fish!


Why can’t it be the uncommon cold?

I mean, it’s not like anybody really wants it.. There’s absolutely no reason for it being so abundant this time of year..

So, yeah, I’m sick.. And miserable.. And vaguely resemble a walking corpse.. When I’m even up and about, that is. I barely have the energy to attend my job seeking course and when I do my head is swimming, my nose is running and my lungs are constantly in danger of being coughed up.. When I’m not attending my course, well, then I’m basically sleeping or resting and trying to get better – or alternatively, sneezing, coughing or blowing my nose.. It’s horrible.. And me being male doesn’t help either, seeing as a sick male is pretty much the most pathetic, helpless creature on the face of the earth.. I want out! Somebody help me! Please!

If this doesn’t give you goosebumps..

.. Well, then you’re obviously not a metal-head! But that’s okay, I’ll just go ahead and post this for those old school metal-heads out there.. This is a clip from a DVD I got from my dad as a Christmas present, namely Metallica’s “Francais Pour Une Nuit”. It’s the intro clip and the first song.. And, well, if you know at least a little of Metallica you’ll get the drift..

When I first saw this clip, I had about three different thoughts. The first was that Les Arena Nimes l’Arena de Nimes might be THE single coolest venue ever and that I wanna catch a show there some day. The second was that it’s damn cool to have Blackened back as an opener.. And the third is that Lars Ulrich must be reading my blog because, wow, I make a few.. Well.. A lot of comments about how he’s gotten old and sloppy and what.. And then this happens? Okay, Lars, I’ll take most of what I said back, you can definitely still play fast if you want to.. Course at this particular show, you’re kinda faster than the rest of the band, but I’m sure we can work that out.. We’ll just have everybody else play faster! Right?

Anyways, enjoy!

I have a new title!

And it’s that of “Candidatus Informationis Technologiae (” !

At least, that’s what the letter I just received says.. In other words, I just received my official diploma for the completion of my Master degree. I’m sitting here with it in left hand, looking at it, feeling all sorts of weird sensations. Mainly good ones. Strange how the culmination of 21 years in the educational system can be forged into such a relatively small document and yet weigh so heavily.

Some have asked what my diploma looks like and what title I’ve been awarded. Well, I don’t have a scan, at least just yet, but the wording is pretty simple:

Johan Christian Bruhn Johansen

Cpr Nr: 290781-XXXX

has on the 25 September 2009 passed i Webkommunikation (Danish title)

Web Communication (English Title)

and has thus been awarded the title of

Candidatus informationis technologiae ( med linie i IT, Kommunikation og Organisation (Danish title)

Master of Science in Information Technology (English title)

It’s still quite an unreal feeling. It is all really over. It’s a good feeling, though, a somewhat uncertain one, but a good one. It’s a feeling of completion and one of a new beginning. All at once. A sort of personal rebirth and a chance to show that I can make it in the real world, come whatever may.. In the immortal words of Tommy and Dee Dee Ramone: “Hey, Ho, Let’s Go!”

I am Ninja!

I witnessed a pretty strange bit of behavior yesterday, which I guess is saying a lot coming from somebody who’s rather well known for his own – at times – rather strange behavior.. But.. Either way..

I was on my way home after one of those evening walks that I quite enjoy after long days of being locked up inside working on a major written assignment. I had almost made it home and was walking along a major road leading up to the intersection where I live. When, from a side road, two youngsters turn out onto the sidewalk in  front of me. I don’t really think much of it besides noting that the guy on the left looks like he belonged in the Trench Coat Mafia of Columbine fanme, what with his black emo hair, black clothing and black trench coat and all.. I didn’t really have tome to think about it anyways because as soon as they’re on the road in front of me, trench coat guy lets out a huge shriek and in a voice that’s evidently still on the verge of breaking cries out “I AM NINJA!, jumps in the air, spins one, runs out onto the road, busts a few 70’s Kung-Fu movie like moves in the general direction of his companion, lets out a shrill “KIAAAYYYY”, spins, launches himself forwards and jumps straight into a low wall surrounding the local college.. After which he immediately half falls, half tumbles to the ground, where he lies wheezing and coughing for a few seconds before proclaiming “that fucking hurt!”

Not really knowing what to think and say at this moment, I just stare at the scene for a minute, shaking my head and proclaiming “Shinobi, you’re doing it wrong!” before moving on, leaving this horrible insult to hundreds of years of Japanese warrior tradition in my wake.

I never did figure out what the whole scene was about, so I ended up just going home and grabbing some food, feeling more confused than a cat in a Monty Python skit.

Merry Yule, Happy (C)hannukah, Blissful Kwanzaa, and all that jazz

Twas the day before Christmas and all throughout the house,

the heavy metal was blasting, proudly and loud,

the Johan was thrashing, shaking his hair,

for he was mighty excited about next year’s rock fairs

He was smiling, laughing, banging his head

slightly egged on by the news that he’d read..

Blah, that’s enough of that..But as you can probably tell, it’s Christmas.. And santa came bearing gifts.. One thing is to come home for a bit of rest on Christmas Eve and find a ticket for AC/DC lying in the mailbox.. A whole nother thing is that German Open Air Festivals, Rock Am Ring / Rock Im Park, chose the holiday period to announce some of the first acts for the 2009 festival, namely Placebo, The Killers, Volbeat, KillSwitch Engage, Trivium and Slipknot amongst others..And I don’t even think they’ve gotten around to spewing out headliners yet.. Woot!

So, cancel Christmas if you must, I don’t care, I already got my wishes! 😀 Ahem, anyways, yea, I was just gonna do a small update to show I’m still alive, somehow that turned into both some of the worst poetic injustice ever and a longer rant about music, but I promise to keep it short from now on. I’ve got things to do and places to be after all. I thought Xmas was gonna be a time of quiet relaxation and rest but I feel like I’ve done nothing but run around being stressed and zooming from one place to the other. And apparently it’s only just gotten started. So I’ll be off for a few hours of sleep on this fine afternoon before zooming off to my mom’s to spend the night with her and her new boyfriend or whatever he is.. Merry Christmas everybody! I hope to be back soon!

One down, two to go..

Or four to go.. Depending on how you look at it.. Well, before I confuse anyone any further: I finished my Web Communication project!! The written part anyways, there’s still the oral assessment of it to worry about. That, along with my Semantic Web and Agent Technologies exam next Friday and my Introduction to Programming assignment + oral thing come January.

I spent all of last night wanting to celebrate tbat I’d actually gotten over one major hurdle, but in retrospect I’m glad I didn’t. Not only have I spent 8 hours of today reading up on the Semantic Web, a topic that I’m actually starting to grasp by now, I also, just a few hours ago, discovered a couple of errors in my nicely done, printed and wrapped 45-page assignment.. Nothing major, mind you, just one of those kinda things that may cause you to fail on grounds of improper handling of your sources and plagiarism.. Umm, which I guess is actually a pretty major thing since we all know how I feel about plagiarism after my rant against Coldplay the other day.. But oh well, it wasn’t anything that couldn’t be fixed after a few hours and a trip to uni to print out a couple of pages that had faced correction.

And now, having gone through his Semantic Web curriculum AND corrected his own damn mistakes, the Johan will rest.. And at least pretend to celebrate a little.. See, rummaging through the local supermarket today, I came across some sirloin steaks which were actually cheaper than the flank steak I was looking for (and apparently never got), so who was I to pass that up? So, I guess I’ll fry those up, call it a celebration, keep it down enough for me to still get up tomorrow and continue my reading.. And try not to feel too sad about spending another weekend in, slaving over the books… I mean, it’s not like everybody are out having fun again or anything.. Bah, humbug!