Memorable Quotes

It occurred to me that when you know as many interesting people as I do, you hear a lot of weird quotes on a daily basis.. So I decided to write some of them down for my own (and possibly your) enjoyment.. I’ll try to keep this page updated.. Feel free to contribute if you feel there’s anything I’ve missed 😉

Memorable quotes from Johan-land:

Dunkel: “Does it seem reasonable to be sick and trying to beat beat the sickness by drowning it in Sex On The Beach cocktails?”

Emelie: “Hmm.. We can agree that I sleep more than a cat, only if we can agree that you [Johan] have more lives than a cat!”

Johan: “Back when I was a kid, we eventually added an 8th day to the week.. Why? So we’d get to enjoy eating gruel eight times a week! It was our reward for all the hard work we did in the fields!”

Penny: “Iben, isn’t it about time you learn to drink real beer?”
Iben: “Isn’t it about time you learn to drink?”

Kent: “Man, Johan, if your life were a cartoon, I’d buy it!”

Sandie: “I don’t listen to DAD [Danish mainstream rock band].. I’m not into that whole death metal thing!”

Dunkel: “You’re scaring me.. [Johan] That’s not an easy thing to do!”

Mads: “Sooo bored.. Think I’ll go drink a bottle of vodka!”

Iben (in response to a guy spilling beer in her lap): “Y’know, there are far better ways of making a girl wet..”

Dunkel: “Mullets sting far more than your average hair!”

Christian: “They’re genetically modified ducks! They’re nothing but a pair of drumsticks walking around!” (In response to Johan asking why there were only drumsticks on the buffet and if it wouldn’t have been cheaper to use the entire duck)

Emelie: “I’d say we’re a bunch of normal, coherent people with no tendencies what-so-ever towards abnormal behavior”

Johan: “About this water-proof make-up remover.. Why would make-up remover need to be water proof?”

Emelie: “Speaking of carrier pigeons..”

Zascha: “Did you know that dark chocolate makes your breasts firmer?” – Johan: “Note to self..” – Zascha: “It only works for women, Johan!”

Zascha: “I can see why someone would feel haunted by carrier pigeons.. They always fucking return!”

Johan: “FC Copenhagen? That’s something the Jews made up!”

Johan: “I should’ve been an exile-Cuban!”


8 responses to “Memorable Quotes

  1. Hi
    Just wanted to say that I think your English is very good (including your punctuation!) I have recently (only yesterday) discovered ‘Volbeat’ when I saw their new track ‘The Garden’s Tale’ on TV and thought it was brilliant. I have now listened to it about 20 times in the last 24 hours and am hoping to buy the CD soon, I think the singer has an excellent voice. Thanks for posting the lyrics on your website, even though I can’t read the Danish!!

  2. Well, gosh, I truely appreciate the compliment, and I do try my best! 🙂

    I’m glad you enjoyed The Garden’s Tale lyrics I posted. If you’re interested, a rough translation of the lyrics is available here:

    Please note that it’s not done by me and the poetic beauty of the Danish part doesn’t translate too well 🙂

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  4. I haven’t noticed this subpage [correct word?] before, but have I really said that? I can’t remember that at all (well, not that it’s unlikely or anything :D).

  5. Haha.. You did. A long f’ing time ago on MSN.. No wonder you can’t remember as I think you actually went ahead and drank the damn bottle 😉

  6. Hmm … well, shit happens! 😉

  7. Impressive site. Thums up!

  8. Thanks a bunch! 😀

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