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Relax, it’s research!

In case you have not noticed, I have a bit of a love affair with rum.. So when Tina asked me if I’d ever be interested in doing a rum tasting/introduction for her, I jumped right at the chance.. After all, if nothing else, it was a perfect excuse to spend a Friday evening geeking out and obsession over rum.. And doing a bit of tasting and research as well.. And it’s probably also a very good way to give my little friend a few even more expensive habits.

A few of my rums

And a few more.. As with so many other projects, this one spun out of proportion pretty quickly.

The classic Mai Tai has been a favorite drink of mine for a few years now. And searching for the perfect rum combination for said drink has proven an interesting pass-time activity. This attempt to figure out which combo to serve Tina as her introductory Mai Tai proved pretty inconclusive, so I may have to serve her both.