Who’s Who?

I get quite a lot of comments about people not being able to figure out my life, my friends, my girls and what have you.. So for those of you wondering for for you new comers who know absolutely nothing about my life and friends, here’s a brief run-down of the key players.

The girls

Zascha – My unofficial baby sister that I never had.. According to some, also my wannabe estranged wife due to the amount of time we spent together while she lived in Kolding and our ways of (more or less) playfully picking on each other. Currently resides in Belgium where she’s busying herself working for the man, aka Danish social democrat, Dan Jørgensen. Don’t see her nearly as much as I’d like these days due to the whole distance thing.

Tina – The only 25 year old I know who fits in an empty 15″ speaker box.. Downright crazy, cute chick with both feminine and not so feminine notes to her character. According to innocent bystanders, she overtook Zascha’s part in my life as possible girlfriend/wife/whatever. Tina’s a good friend and a great support though I’ll have to admit that her logic is a bit flawed at times 😉

Emelie – Yet another girl I was once accused of having a romantic relationship with. I don’t know what it is, but apparently girls and boys can’t be just friends. At least not in other peoples’ minds. Lover of good wine, cheese and anything chocolatey or sugar like. Has been romantically involved with Christian (see below) for quite a while now which is awesome.

Iben – I first met Iben when me and a couple of blokes decided to crash a party in our boxers, after talking to her for a while, we decided to dodge a round of a vicious drinking game by sticking my tongue down her throat.. As a result, she infected me with the worst case of the flu I’ve had in years and somehow that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.. and as such, she’s also often confused for a girlfriend of mine.

Louise – Well, what to say? I’ve got strange ways of making female friends, it seems 🙂 I met Louise by the beginning of the summer of 2008 and had an amazing summer with her, spending most of it together actually. As friends first, then as a couple for about a month. Alas, things didn’t work out quite as expected and maybe moved a bit too fast, so while we’re no longer dating, we’re still the best of friends and I aim to keep things that way.

The boys

Christian – Fellow appreciator of the finer things in life (good food, good wine, good spirits). A class mate for four years now and a close friend for the last two and a half or so. Always good for a laugh. About as fucked up as myself – we make a great team.. And get into loads of trouble.

Morten – Morten is our token chubby bitch! Just kidding 😉 Morten is a great guy I also befriended through my studies. He’s one of the few guys I know who’s taken a university degree while working full time and completely dumped this degree in favor of becoming a head chef at a chain restaurant. Due to his heavy work load we don’t get to see him as often as we’d like. But when we do, we always have a great time.

Dunkel – My mentor into the realm of heavy metal induced heavy drinking and irresponsible behavior. Despite his tough appearance, a surprisingly sharing and friendly young fellow.. But don’t tell him I said that! Inventor of such terms as “the left wing liberals” and “elitist ducks” (aka Swans).

(Gale) Mads – The word scary doesn’t even begin to describe the manner in which this young man drinks. Even so, a friendly and funny young bloke with a love for the more extreme metal genres and over-proof rum. I found out last x-mas that I’m actually remotely related to this guy.. Which came as a bit of a surprise to both of us.

Robert – The softest big, bald, tattooed, hardcore metal fan you’ll ever meet! A mentor into the world of hardcore and metalcore and various sub-genres. Always good for a funny anecdote about himself or one of his friends fucking up or getting in trouble.


7 responses to “Who’s Who?

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  2. hey, i just found ure writings by searching a danish group, which had attended rock am ring `08. i ve been there as well and i had an very nice saturday with the danish boys. one of them is called morten and hes 25 years old. You wrote here as well about a morten, but he hadnt been at rock im park, has he?
    one of them told me he is half italien and english, but if i could read in ure writings u had been at rock im park with tine and dunkel?
    do u know something about more danish groups, which had joined rock im park?
    thx for reading, greets from southern germany, elisabeth

  3. Hello Elisabeth!

    No, “our” Morten wasn’t at Rock Im Park, so I’m afraid he’s not the Morten you’re looking for. I was there with Tina, Dunkel and a few other guys, yes. We did meet some other Danes throughout the weekend, but I haven’t talked to any of them since.

    So yes, there were other Danish groups as well, but we never talked much to any of them, so can’t really help you there either. I’m glad to hear you had a good time with the danish boys, though, we can be pretty fun.. As can you German people, we found out 🙂

    Greetings right back at you, I hope it stopped raining down there!

  4. Hey, yeah the weather is good at the moment:-) thanks for the answer.
    just what Ive read, sounds really like you could have fun around-the-clock.
    so I hope more Danish groups will come to German rock festivals 😉
    bye Elisabeth

  5. ??? 😦

  6. Årh, søde.. Måske du lige skal huske på at denne side blev oprettet for ca et år siden og ikke rigtigt er blevet opdateret siden, specielt ikke her på det sidste hvor jeg har haft alt for travlt med at føjte rundt sammen med dig 😉

    Men ja, nu hvor du optager så meget plads på bloggen, og det efterhånden er officielt – selv på Facebook – må jeg sgu nok hellere lige få taget mig sammen og skrevet dig ind 🙂

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