What was the best part of your day?

I know what mine was.. And I think you know you’ve had enough of your thesis when the answer to the question above becomes something along the lines of: The baguette with tomato lettuce, brie cheese and spicy ham I had for breakfast.. Sigh..

Well, all in all it’s not too bad, I guess. I’m on the last two week stretch of my thesis writing spree and it’s taking some pretty large chunks out of my day. Which I suppose is only natural at this point.. So I guess it’s only fair that I eat well on the side. Which for me means eating a nice breakfast to kick off the day and a nice dinner to end the working day.. And then eating whatever crap I have laying around for the other 3-4 odd meals I eat during an average.

So, yea, that’s about it? Exciting update, huh? I work hard and eat well, sometimes I exercise a bit and may squeeze in a late shift at GLS.. It’s not a particularly exciting life, but at least the food is good. And at least I’m better off than Tina who seems to be working 12 hour days lately.. Poor thing..

I can’t frigging wait for all of this to be over.. And I’m actually sorta getting there. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, I’ve found out. I need to revise another 25 pages which I can probably do tomorrow. Then I have to write a conclusion and an English summary. Then there are a few appendices that are out of line and need fixing, some that could use a little fine tuning. All of which will hopefully be done by Friday night. And then there’s a week of proof reading and Saturday for printing? Sunday the 30th will be my day off and then I’m handing everything in on Monday the 31st.. That’s the rough plan anyways.

And then I’m going crazy and cooking some good food to go with some top class wines.. Which, again, I can’t talk about.. Other than to say that I’m pissed off with seasonal ingredients. If I want to cook something, I should be able to do it now and not having to wait till March to get it frresh.. Bah, humbug!


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